Deploying and managing ML services using Titan

Titan Tutorial #3: Getting started with Titan’s CLI

$titan help 
Usage:titan [<flags>] <command> [<args> …]
Flags:-h, — help Output usage information.-C, — chdir=”.” Change working directory.-v, — verbose Enable verbose log output.— version Show application version.
Commands:help               Show help for a command.config             Show current config manifest.deploy             Deploy a Jupyter Notebook in the               Open documentation website in a browser.login              Authorize user.logs               Inspect service               Open service endpoint URL in a list      List deployed start     Start stop      Stop restart   Restart delete    Delete service.upgrade            Install the latest or specified version of Titan.version            Show version.
$titan login
$titan config
$titan docs
$titan deploy
Deploying a model with titan deploy
$titan open
$titan services
Checking which services are running
Stopping a service
Starting a service
Restarting a service
Deleting a service
$titan version
$titan upgrade


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